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Composition and Balance of the Horse and Rider Basics

Product fullfilled by: D&D Publishing

Price: $35.95

A wonderful instructional book, Horse Riding Coaches will find it a great teaching manual, inquire about the Teachers question booklet.

Basics is the first in a Series of 4 Future books, that were designed to help people, who wish to have a full understanding about the horse and the communications with the horse.

Basics is an introduction to the fundamentals of riding, care and management of the horse.  Today riding is enjoyed by people of many different ages and backgrounds.  In Basics, the reader will gain a full understanding about the horse; how it sees, thinks and functions, as well as the beginning of effective communication with the horse.  Basics will take the rider through the steps of building a sound base from which more advanced technical riding skills can be developed.  It is our hope that through gaining this understanding, people and horses alike will have more rewarding and happy experiences with each other.

250 pages with full illustrations on each page.

Chapter 1 The Horse includes: Structure of the horse, Practical Psychology, History, Senses of the Horse, Breeds, Colours/Markings

Chapter 2 The Safe Handling of the Horse includes: Approaching the Horse, Leading, Tying, Safety for a Novice Rider

Chapter 3 Care of the Horse includes: Grooming, Foot and Lower Leg, Bones, Tendons and Ligaments, Hoof Care, Horse Health, Blanketing, Pest Control.

Chapter 4 Communicating with the Horse includes: Stationary Horse Safety, Horse in Motion, Gaits, Balance, Rider Aids, Rein Effects, Transitions, Horse Temperaments and Characteristics.

Chapter 5 The Rider includes: Rider Stages, Rider's Attire, Mounting and Dismounting, Body and Hand Positions, Rider in Motion.

Chapter 6 Equipment Care and Use includes: Basic Equipment, English Equipment, Western Equipment, Specialty Equipment, Saddling, Bridling and Untacking of Equipment, Care.

Chapter 7 Basic Exercises for the Rider includes: Schooling Area, Basic Exercises, Simple Circuits, Trotting Poles, Five and Five Exercise.