The Plan

We will implement structure and organization in training, marketing concepts and mentorship to assist each of our members businesses.

AIMC has been created to bring marketing benefits to our Artisan's/Artist’s.  We welcome Artists; Crafter's; Visual & Performing; Food Processors of any specialty Hand Made/Manitoba Made products.

Artisan Inspired Marketing Cooperative (A.I.M.C) wish to help these businesses to grow their Creative Business.

A.I.M.C. Is Owned and Run by the Members.

Specializing the efforts towards the E-Marketing, Exhibition Opportunities, Marketing Concepts and helping to make things more affordable by Cost Sharing and coordinating specialized training to strengthen members abilities and successes to their marketing and education to grow larger and with easier flow.


Our Type of Cooperative

Marketing cooperatives, also known as marketing / producer cooperatives, are organized by producers of commodities to sell and/or distribute their products at the best rate.  The major benefits of this type of Cooperative is due to the joining of resources to share costs and the time required to run a larger business platform.  With the help of joining together this larger vision can be attainable.

We are excited to invite Manitoba Made Artists/ Artisans/ Specialty Food and Food Producers and Processors to join this exciting business group of entrepreneurs’.  

There is strength is working together to follow a good marketing process and join with each other to save on the common costs and share experiences and techniques to get your products to the buying market, locally; provincially; nationally and internationally. 

There is important value to joining a marketing cooperative, it helps each individual member, by joining the financial resources so the members collectively can afford more marketing options.  In addition to the financial benefits, the sharing of time and effort towards the building of marketing options can expand each members volume of places/events.  The cooperative TOGETHER can display and market their products with online and in person programs/events/exposure.  Growing as a team with their individual business, will gain benefits that make the future successful.