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Jake the Sculptor

Jake Goertzen
Junita Nielson-Goertzen

Jake Goertzen’s over life sculptures in steel, bronze, and cultured marble have become popular Roadside attractions in Manitoba over the past 25 years (bison, steel eagle, great grey owl, peacock). His Horndean Manitoba gallery features work in bronze, plaster, terra cotta, and stone. Information and Tours:


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1.  Balance" is a 5 foot high  stainless steel sculpture featuring movable rings inside the inverted cube. It was commissioned by Royal Bank for their wealth management centre, also known as Dominion Securities, at 201 Portage Ave. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is located in the waiting room on the 31 floor and can be viewed there.

2.  "Grace" is a 48 inch high bronze of a girl in a ballet pose. $17,000.

3.  "Song of Joy" is a bronze sculpture about 13" high.  It is an attempt to express ecstatic joy.  $2750.

4.  "World Wide Web" is a sphere made of welded steel using the "webbing" or "skeleton" of a metal plate from which industrial machine parts were laser cut. My name for the style is "laser punk". The skeleton was cut apart, formed into spherical shapes and welded together. It was powder coated with zinc for corrosion resistance and then powder coated. Price:  $3500.

5.  "Higgs Gate" - for the Higgs' family backyard  (Winnipeg)

6.  "The Horse That Bolted" - Purchased by Darlene Dolinski, Winnipeg

7.  "Dressing Up" - A six  inch high bronze figure casting number 1 (Artist's Proof)

8.  Jake Working on "Tree Gate" - grinding off slag from plasma cutting on a 10 foot  section of a 20 foot wide gate

9.  Raw Metal Gate - commissioned by a Winnipeg family for their new property in Osoyus, BC. Shown here before being powder-coated.

10. "Tree Gate" Finished and installed!  Medium:  Steel, Powder-Coated.  Size:  20 ft wide, approx. 6 ft high. 

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