Jewelry Creation and Sculpture

Donald C. Combe - Embracing The Stone

Don Combe
Contact Link: or phone (204) 995-1684 Don or 223-5505 Bev

Hand-forged and reticulated by Don, sterling silver flatware that is generations old now finds new glory as a one of a kind personal adornments melded with old American turquoise, fossil woolly mammoth, ammolite or whatever flavor of the day Don picks from his 50 year old collection to cut and polish.

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"My tutelage began over 50 years ago with a Navajo Silversmith who helped me as I struggled to mold pieces of sterling and coin silver into presentable jewellery.  I continue to be fascinated by the character, consciousness and spirit within sterling silver. It can conform to almost any shape, sheen or texture that my mind conceives.  Although there is a place for “casting” procedures, I get my fulfillment from watching the silver take its exquisite shapes and  forms with the persuasion of heat, forging, soldering and sometimes “creative mistakes” beyond my control.  Every creation is a piece of my being, never perfect but a thing of beauty, perfectly flawed in some way, as we all are."





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